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Smeal Webinars

In addition to job search preparation and full-time job openings, Smeal Alumni Career Services offers informative online sessions that deliver industry best practices and ways to broaden your business experience.  Webinars cater to all alumni needs from recent graduates to retirees—they provide a meaningful channel for accessing new information on a variety of subjects.  PDF's of PowerPoint slides and handouts are available upon request.

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Archive of Past Webinars 

Below you will find the complete listing of all webinars completed through this program.  Click the appropriate link to open each presentation and its accompanying audio in a new browser tab or window.

YearTitle and LinkPresenter(s)
2016 State of Mind: An Entrepreneur’s Vision

Presenter: Krishna C. Nadella (’04 MBA) America’s Head of Regulatory Sales and Institutional Pricing Services

2016 Transforming Your Presentations to “LIVE” Communication

Presenter: Steve Leamer ('85 Marketing), National Vice President at Williams/Gerard Productions has worked in corporate communications for 25 years

2016 An Education in Motivational Leadership

Presenter: Roger Osorio (’04 Finance & International Business), Motivational Speaker, Coach and Educator at UnSpeakr; as well as an International Facilitator, Emcee, & Coach at Startup Weekend

2016 Future Trends in Digital Marketing

Presenter: Karla Trotman ('98 Business Logistics), Executive Vice President at Electro Soft, Inc. as well as owning her own successful business,; Guest Presenter: Erik Harbison (’93 Advertising), Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber Communications, Inc.

2016 Investment Planning: Take Back Control

Presenter: Steven Earhart (’81 Insurance & Real Estate) and Jim Boyd (’01 Marketing), Partners at Devon Financial Partners, LLC

2015 Wine and Dine with Executive Ease (The Wine Coach II)

Presenter: Laurie Forster ('89 Business Logistics)

2015 Start-up Accelerators: An Entrepreneur's MBA

Presenter: Justin DiPietro '10 Finance and Jeremy Harper -- Associate at ERA

2015 Lifelong Learning Webinar: Normalizing US-Cuba Relations

Presenter: Bill Lane ('75 Accounting)

2015 Lifelong Learning Webinar: How to Start a Business While Working Full Time

Presenter: Karla Trotman, '98 Business Logistics, was recently named Executive Vice President at Electro Soft, Inc. as well as owning her own successful business, 

Guest Presenter: Ebong Eka, Motivational Speaker & Small Business Expert 

2015 Lifelong Learning Webinar: Thinking Your Way to the C-Suite

Presenter: Cindy Cornell, '90 Accounting, Leadership & Executive Coach, The Hoshin Group


Your Horrible LinkedIn Profile is Costing You Money

Presenter:  Jeff Gibbard, President & Founder of True Voice Media, LLC

Interviewer:  Karla Trotman, '98 Business Logistics, Executive Vice President of Electro Soft, Inc., and Owner of


Making of the Eloquent Investor - A Wall Street Discussion

Presenter: Thomas Raymnd, Jr., '01 Marketing, Author of The Eloquent Investor and Vice President at Abbot Downing

Interviewer:  Kevin McDermott, '15 Finance, Product Consultant at Cvent


The Power of Storytelling in Business

Presenter: Cindy Cornell, 1990 Accounting, Executive and Leadership Coach and Principal at the Hoshin Group


PSU Tech Talk: A Showcase of Alumni Driving Success in Technology

Chair: Andrew Moses, 2007 Accounting, Strategic Growth Leader at MorganFranklin Consulting and President of the Smeal Business Club in Washington D.C.
Moderator: Gene Riechers, 1977 Accounting, Vice President at Everfi
Panelists:  Ryan Healy, 2006 Accounting, Founder/President at Brazen
Adam Hooper, 2003, Founder/CEO at RealCrowd
Sue Yoon, 2002 Accounting/Economics, Vice President of Finance at AltSchool


Real Estate Cycle: Managing & Leveraging Your Real Estate 

Presenter: Fatima Khokhar, 1998 Marketing, Director of Sales at Olde Naples Residences and Managing Principal at Naples Meridian


Penn State Alumni At LinkedIn, On LinkedIn

John Ferenchak, 1992 Business Logistics, Senior Manager of Global Accounts at LinkedIn
Andrew Goldsmith, 2001 Business Logistics, Senior Manager of Enterprise at LinkedIn
Susan Hammond 2006 Advertising/Public Relations, Regional Manager of Relationship Management at LinkedIn

2014 Is an MBA or EMBA in Your Future?

Stacey Dorang-Peeler, MBA Admissions Director/Kara Keenan, Managing Director of the Smeal Executive MBA Program (is no longer at Penn State)
James McDonald 2009 EMBA
Saloni Asthana 2013 MBA, Senior Program Manager at Dell


Holiday Entertaining Uncorked

Laurie Forster, 1989 Business Logistics, Teambuilding, Client Appreciation and Keynote Speaker - "The Wine Coach"
2014 New Career?  The Wonderful World of Real Estate Fatima Khokhar, 1998 Marketing, Director of Sales at Olde Naples Residences and Managing Principal at Naples Meridian
2014 Learn What a Career in Financial Services has to Offer Andrew Pompe, 2009 Finance, Vice President at Karr Barth Associates and District Manager at AXA Advisors, LLC
2014 Branding Yourself for Career Success Angelo Scialfa, President, Fox Run Group
2014 Financial Considerations When Facing a Career Transition Bill Owens, 2000 Management, Financial Consultant at AXA Advisors, LLC
2014 New Career?  Reinvention at Any Age! Cindy Cornell, 1990 Accounting, Executive and Leadership Coach and Principal at the Hoshin Group
2014 Wild Success: You Can Get There from Here Cindy Cornell, 1990 Accounting, Executive and Leadership Coach and Principal at the Hoshin Group
2013 Leveraging "We Are!" - Network Your Way to Success Cindy Cornell, 1990 Accounting, Executive and Leadership Coach and Principal at the Hoshin Group
2013 Time Saving Tips: Navigating iOS7 and its Best Apps Jamie Goddard, 1998 Chemistry, Founder of LIfeLeash and also Account Manager at ACHE
2013 The Road to Retirement: Financial Planning is Key Mike Cocco, 2005 Economics, Certified Financial Planner at AXA Advisors, LLC
2013 Sustainability: Info That Can Help Your Career and our Planet

Dr. Gerald Sussman, Professor Emeritus at Penn State University, Director Emeritus of the Sustainability Council at Smeal
Dan Bena, Senior Director of Operations Development at PepsiCo
Dawn Rittenhouse, Director of Sustainable Development at DuPont