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Doctoral Students

Doctoral students in the Management and Organization department are participants in the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the doctoral students in the department.
Name (Last, First) E-mail Phone Office Address
Bishop, Derron dgb153@psu.edu 814-867-1224 418B Business Building
Chen, Anjier 814-863-0807 416A Business Building
Chen, Meng muc289@psu.edu 814-863-0807 418B Business Building
Dwivedi, Priyanka pzd110@psu.edu 814-863-0807 418B Business  Building
Fatimah, Shereen sxf944@psu.edu 814-863-0750 426B Business Building
Han, Jung-Hoon 814-865-1263 403A Business Building
Park, Chuljin czp138@psu.edu 814-863-2384 439A Business Building
Park, Hye Joon 814-867-1224 416A Business Building
Rheinhardt, Alexandra alr357@psu.edu 814-865-6651 418A Business Building
Seo, Yeonji yxs180@psu.edu 814-863-0750 426B Business Building
Song, Jinyuan (Stephanie) jus416@psu.edu 814-863-0807 439A Business Building
Tharchen, Thinley txt212@psu.edu 814-865-1263 403A Business Building