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Developing and expanding your relationship with the internationally ranked  Penn State Smeal College of Business makes sense now more than ever. We have a deep pool of well-trained, enthusiastic talent and the business expertise to fuel your organization.

With thousands of students at the undergraduate and MBA levels alone, Smeal is one of the largest business schools in the nation. Our students develop technical and leadership skills in academic programs that are built on a foundation of honor and integrity. They are taught by faculty who rank among the best in the world for academic excellence. They are prepared to make a difference in your firm as interns and full-time hires.

If you have not recruited at Smeal before or you wish to connect with someone about your needs, please reach out to the appropriate area below:

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Business Connections

Beyond our recruiting services, Smeal offers an array of additional resources to benefit our corporate partners. Address pressing business challenges through our network of industry-specific research centers and student consulting programs. Develop leaders who look to the future, innovate, and execute for success with a full suite of offerings from Penn State Executive Programs. Explore all that a Smeal connection can do for you.