Directions to Stone Valley Recreation Area

Directions to Stone Valley Recreation Area & Vertical Adventures

From State College/University Park:

  • Head Southwest on Route 26 S/W College Ave for approximately 5 miles until you reach the village of Pine Grove Mills.
  • In Pine Grove Mills, Route 26 S will turn left at an intersection with a flashing traffic light.
  • After turning left, continue on Route 26 S for an additional 4 miles.
  • Turn right off of Route 26 onto Charter Oak Rd. (SR 1029). There are Stone Valley Recreation Area directional signs on Route 26 S before this intersection.
  • Continue on Charter Oak Rd. (SR 1029) for an additional 1.7 miles to the East Entrance or 3.5 miles to the West Entrance.

  • East Entrance provides access to:
    • Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center
    • Lake Perez
    • Cabins
    • Day Use Picnic Area
    • Picnic Pavilion
    • Carolina T-Wall (Rock Wall)
  • West Entrance provides access to:
    • Boat House (Cabin #12) 
    • Civil Engineering Lodge
    • High Ropes Challenge Course (Odyssey III)
    • Alpine Tower / Giant Swing
    • Low Ropes Course (Team Development)

GPS Coordinates to East Entrance:
40.677317, -77.909517
GPS Coordinates to West Entrance: 40.661990, -77.923992