Frequently Asked Questions about the Penn State Smeal Professional Graduate Programs LION Weekend

Nittany Lion Shrine in the spring

When is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is August 20th, register today! If registration has passed and you would like to attend, please email us at Professional Graduate Programs or email your program directly. 

What can I do to prepare?

After you have registered, please complete and sign the forms below. Please attach them via email to Professional Graduate Programs or email your program directly.

When will the Football Game ticket block be available?

We are unable to offer a specific ticket block in which our students and alumni can purchase tickets. For those who wish to attend the game, please contact the ticket office directly at 1-800-NITTANY. For general information about football, the stadium, and game day, please visit the Penn State Football website. If you are intending to go to the game with a specific group of people, we recommend having one person call the box office to purchase tickets so that you and your party may sit together.

What other Penn State locations should I explore?

Find Google Map information on each of the following Penn State locations by clicking the links.

  • Nittany Lion Shrine
    • The Class of 1940 presented a gift of a Nittany Lion sculpted from a large block of Indiana limestone to Penn State in 1942. The work of noted sculptor Heinz Warneke, the crouching, powerful figure is now the popular Nittany Lion Shrine, located near the Recreation Building on the University Park campus. It is said to be the most photographed site on the campus.
  • "We Are" sculpture
    • The "We Are" sculpture, a gift of Penn State's Class of 2013 is a tangible representation of the iconic phrase "We Are". This is located in close proximity to the Intramural or ‘IM’ Building.
  • The Pennsylvania State University wall
    • Located on the northernmost corner of Beaver Stadium (in front of Gate E), this wall bears the name our university and is the location of many graduation photographs.
  • Berkey Creamery
    • Over the last 150 years, the Creamery has been an important Penn State landmark and a world leader in dairy production and food science. It is a special part of the Penn State experience and makes delicious ice cream.
  • Old Main and the Armillary Sphere
    • Penn Staters travel the globe around, in front of old main is where I can be found. An armillary sphere is an ancient astronomical instrument consisting of a set of rings surrounding a sphere representing the Earth. It is used to show the position of the rising and setting sun. This is located at the site of Old Main, Penn State’s main administrative building, and is a perfect place to stroll around and take in the beautiful architecture on campus and downtown.
  • Hetzel Union Building (HUB)
    • Featuring the Student Bookstore, the THON store, Penn State id+ Office, Dining Options, and many campus-wide activities throughout the year.
  • Arboretum
    • Just a short walk across the meadow from the Business Building, the Arboretum at Penn State strives to be a place of beauty and renewal.
  • Pattee and Paterno Libraries
    • With endless new rooms and stacks of books to explore, our Penn State Libraries are always great to walk through. An opportunity for students, alumni, and their families, to make new memories among the great academic works while on campus.