MBA Disclosure Notices

MBA and Executive MBA Disclosure notices

Disclosure Notices for Penn State Smeal MBA and Executive MBA Students

Spring 2017

  1. A team was charged with a minor offence of plagiarism for copying text from an article without citation. It was determined that it was not an intentional act by the team member. The other team members did not detect the error since the assignment was completed in parts and compiled by the student that made the error. A review board recommended, and the team accepted, an academic sanction of "Warning" and each student must complete a reflection paper that includes lessons learned.
  2. Two students were charged with unauthorized collaboration on an individual written assignment. A review board recommended, and the students accepted, an academic sanction of "Zero on Assignment" and "Reduced Course Grade".  
  3. One student copied a teammate's work and submitted it as their own on a minor assignment. The Review Board approved the professor's recommended sanction of a zero grade on the assignment. It was also determined that there was no intent to "cheat" to get a higher grade. The students simply submitted the assignment without verifying the source.

Key Points and Takeaways

  1. Plagiarism can be avoided by appropriately using quotations and providing citations. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s language or ideas and passing them off as your own. It is not enough to superficially paraphrase another’s work or sources such as Wikipedia.  
  2. Students may no collaborate on individual assignments. Ask your professor if you are not sure about collaboration.
  3. Every team member is responsible for the academic integrity of every team deliverable --- even if they did not contribute directly to the section that contains the infraction. 
  4. Copying another's work for expediency is unacceptable no matter how minor the infraction.


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