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Bookstrap Finance
Lynn Neeley
Coleman Council for Entrepreneurship Education
Paper Prepared for the CEAE Coleman
Foundation, March 2001
Management Department
Northern Illinois University
Pages 1-51
This paper is a comprehensive review of alternative on and off balance sheet financing for entrepreneurs. This guide is valuable in times of VC paucity and useful at all times in preserving founder equity.
Making Sense of Corporate Venture Capital
Henry W. Chesbrough
Fast Company
March 2002
Pages 90-99
This article creates a useful linguistic framework to describe different strategies for corporate VC funds. Many of these funds have floundered because their aims have been poorly defined; the mapping described is helpful in communicating plans to the various constituents that must sign off on corporate venture funding.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Corporate America is Pouring Money into the Venture Capital Sweepstakes)
Stephen Barr
October 1998
Pages 85-89
It is always interesting to read "history" in a rapidly changing area. This review of corporate VC funds at the height of activity would be interesting to compare with the current views within the companies listed in the article—however, the up- cycle will return sometime.

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