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License Your Invention
Attorney Richard Stim
Nolo Press
A tool-kit for anyone contemplating using licensing as part of the wealth generation process, this book is of particular value to smaller companies that need to learn about licensing and avoid many of its pitfalls. The book comes with a CD-Rom of all the standard legal boiler-plates.
Rembrandts in the Attic
Kevin G. Rivette & Daid Kline
Harvard Business School Press
This is a chatty book urging companies to look for undiscovered wealth in their patent portfolio. If the cases stimulate executives to look at hidden value, the book will have served a useful purpose; but it is not a recommended source on how to do it effectively.
The Valuation of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets
Gordon V. Smith & Russell L. Parr
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
This is a solid treatise on the subject. Although not as detailed in financial modeling as the book by Reilly & Schweihs, the cases of several large, well-known companies make excellent reading. Within these two books there is all you would want to know about this important subject.
Valuing Intangible Assets
Robert F. Reilly & Robert P. Schweihs
This book is a thorough compendium of the established methods for valuation with many understandable illustrative cases. While targeted to established corporations, the sections on intellectual property apply equally well to early stage technology companies. It is the definitive text in this fascinating field.

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