Student Resources

Student information and resources for Supply Chain and Information Systems career fairs.

The Center for Supply Chain Research®️ and the Supply Chain & Information Systems Department are pleased to host the bi-annual Supply Chain & Information Systems Career Fair. Held during both fall and spring semesters, the fairs connect companies with students seeking permanent employment, co-ops, and internships in the supply chain field.

These events are designed to allow you to seek career opportunities and present yourself to prospective employers. Prepare for success by capitalizing on the information below. 

Career Fair Preparation

Resources for Virtual Fairs

The center's virtual fairs are hosted through an engagement platform called Brazen. Complete the follow steps to successfully navigate our online events.  

  • Create your virtual profile within Brazen before the event 
  • Familiarize yourself with the online platform
  • Explore features designed to increase student access to recruiters prior to the event:
    • Search and Invite – enables employers to review students in advance and issue invitations to visit their booth any time during the fair
    • Scheduled Chats – allows employers to pre-schedule a 20-minute conversation with identified students during the event
    • Rep Handoff – permits employers to pass you to selected representatives during a specific chat within the booth.