CSCR® Research Portal

The CSCR Research Portal is a collection of Penn State Smeal College of Business Supply Chain and Information Sytems faculty and student research. Research is organized by categories, industry,

The Center for Supply Chain Research® (CSCR®) is one of the nation’s leading institutions dedicated to research and education in the field of supply chain management. With over 30 affiliated faculty members from the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems (SCIS) at Smeal College of Business, we have access to one of the largest and most prestigious academic concentrations of supply chain management research in the United States.

Prolific research engagement with business and industry is fundamental to our mission to be a leader in supply chain knowledge creation and dissemination. We offer the CSCR Research Portal as a public venue to share the latest research from our affiliated faculty and to provide a repository of their research interests and expertise. Through this portal, we welcome supply chain professionals to explore our faculty research, discover shared interests, and connect with our faculty to tap into their expertise and discuss potential research collaborations.

Access the CSCR Research Portal by using this link. Be sure to subscribe to the portal (your lower right-hand corner of the portal landing page) to receive updates as new research is posted to the site.