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Associate Professor role provides opportunities for long-term research with world impact

CSCR® is excited to share Jason Acimovic’s new role as an associate professor and his journey into supply chain research. Acimovic has recently received tenure and has been promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems.

Penn State Smeal Supply Chain Career Fair Goes Virtual, Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Due to the unforeseen circumstances that are COVID-19, CSCR® has put on its first-ever virtual career fair. As the fall leaves settled upon campus, nearly 1,200 Smeal students networked with 94 companies and logged more than 4,300 text chats, video chats and audio calls. 

CSCR® Welcomes Sysco Foods, Infosys Consulting and NASPO as Corporate Sponsors

This year has been as strenuous and as unprecedented as they come, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, always a silver lining. For CSCR, it’s the exciting news of welcoming Sysco Foods, Infosys Consulting and NASPO as our latest corporate sponsors!

COVID-19 Cancelled Panama Immersion Transformed to Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Stephen Day and Elizabeth Weiland were enrolled in BA497: Special Topics/Global Logistics Seminar: Panama Immersion through the Smeal College of Business at Penn State until it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Algorithm aims to alert consumers before they use illicit online pharmacies

Hui Zhao, associate professor of supply chain and information systems and the Charles and Lilian Binder Faculty Fellow in the Smeal College of Business have taken part in a recent research study by Penn State.

Three New Hires for the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems

CSCR® will be welcoming new faculty this fall: Ho Cheung “Brian” Lee, In Joon Noh, Wael Jabr, and Kevin Linderman.

Dean Check-In: Penn State Smeal Dean Charles Whiteman on college’s changes over time

Dean Whiteman is always persistent on Smeal's pursuit of academic excellence and the new era of COVID-19 is no match for this college's upward trajectory in that goal.

Gartner ranks Penn State Smeal No. 1 in graduate supply chain education

Gartner, Inc., has once again ranked the Penn State Smeal College of Business as No. 1 in North American graduate supply chain programs in a recent report. 

Tracie Shannon Weighs in on First-Ever Virtual Career Fair: What Sponsors Need to Know

CSCR® has always looked forward to the spring and fall career fairs, seeing the faces of bright talent shake hands with our esteemed corporate sponsors. COVID-19, as with many things, has altered the event— but surprisingly the decision to make the fair virtual was made even before schools even knew if theyd return to the fall.

Open Enrollment Courses Now Offered Virtually By Penn State Executive Programs

We’ve all read countless articles by now about COVID-19. We’ve seen, empathized and learned deeper about the impact the virus had on various supply chain procedures, collaborative initiatives between top-tier companies, as well as Smeal’s involvement in coalitions that support hospitals and medical centers to fight the invisible war the best way possible. But perhaps there’s something you haven’t heard about yet: open enrollment short courses.

Dr. Kevin Linderman to Join Smeal as New SCIS Department Chair 

Dr. Kevin Linderman was developing software to coordinate shipments of inventory for General Motors when he realized supply chain management is the heart of all supplier and consumer relationships.

Penn State Executive Programs Now Offering Distance-based, Faculty-led Learning

Distance-based learning is exactly what the doctor ordered during COVID-19, and Smeal listened to the advice. Executive Programs at Smeal now offer supply chain management courses for businesses that want to increase their understanding of the industry, especially during a time when it's needed the most. 

Preparing Supply Chain Operations for the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Response

Members of the C19HCC Supply Chain Working Group have just published a white paper on what they have learned about supply chain logistics during a pandemic, and how they will work to prepare supply chain operations for the next phase of COVID-19.

Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Supply Chain Mobility

Our very own Steve Tracey, Sue Purdum and Kusumal Ruamsook worked together to produce an article for Penn State's Social Science Research Institute about how to maintain safety during the transportation of goods during COVID-19.

Walmart, J&J, and Unilever Featured in The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2020

Our corporate sponsors make us proud with every leap and bound they cross in a field where resiliency, versatility, and adaptability are key. It is therefore with great pride and purpose that we want to share that three of our sponsors made The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2020. 

Technology For Resilient Supply Chains

GoForGood podcasts are all about promoting companies that are doing well by doing good— companies that care about a more sustainable future. Our very own Steve Tracey was featured in the "Technology for Resilient Supply Chains" podcast where he discusses the public and private sectors of the supply chain industry and the role that technology plays in both.

What Impact is the Pandemic Having on the U.S. Supply Chain?

Supply Chain is the backbone to how food, products, or technology gets on the shelves in stores. And the food sector of our economy is reporting that the pandemic has been drastically affecting their supply chain management. 

Behind the Front Line: Penn State Smeal’s Supply Chain Experts Support COVID-19 Response Initiatives

Supply chain has been a popular word during this pandemic. Whether it be the business that try and find a way to provide products without delay, or the hospitals that are running out of necessary masks or gowns, the world of supply chain management has been, simply put, quite busy.

Penn State Executive Programs Now Offering Online ‘Supply Chain Accelerator’ Series

In response to our clients’ travel restrictions and need for social distancing, Penn State Executive Programs has created the Supply Chain Accelerator: six new online learning paths in our number-one ranked supply chain executive education program.  Each three-week learning path is structured to fit your schedule no matter where or when you’re logging on.

Behind the Scenes of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

It is no secret that the pandemic has changed not only the lives of every person in the world, but also how supply chains are operating and working together. The hands-on support of supply chain professionals has been astounding, and CSCR® is proud to join the efforts, along with other ambitious companies, to work and help the country respond and recover to the COVID-19 pandemic on the business side.

CSCR®’s Supply Chain Expertise Joins Penn State’s COVID-19 Response

Not many could have predicted a pandemic to hit the United States back in February.  Students and faculty at a college campus like Penn State were still shuffling between classes, graduation gowns were hanging in dorm room closets, and academic events filled a busy Spring calendar.

What is different about COVID-19 and other supply chain disruptions?

Sometimes the classroom really does mimic life. Brent Moritz, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, taught his first online class on Monday, March 16th, since Penn State moved to remote/online instructions. Dr. Moritz discovered his prescheduled class syllabus notes were covering supply chain management risk reflecting reality’s supply chain urgency for firms, industries, and society with the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about Moritz’s relevant research he shares in the classroom.

Professor Daniel Guide Named POMS Fellow for Sustainability Research

Professor Daniel Guide’s last name already gives it all away— the Smeal Chaired Professor of Operations & Supply Management is an inspiring and endowing leader who guides the center’s students, faculty and research initiatives to full success.

Top Five Smeal Lifelong Learning Webinars You Cannot Miss 

CSCR® is no stranger to lifelong learning. The very essence of the center’s excellence is its ability to provide the tools and resources necessary for the Smeal community to grow in their supply chain expertise.

Off the Cuff With Steve Tracey

Whether you’re graduating, rebranding or watching trends unfold, the only thing that is constant for us is change. To this end, the world is full of opportunity and the field of supply chain, in a nutshell, is one of opportunity’s many hubs— serving as a stage for community, leadership and research in both private and public sectors.

2020 Third-Party Logistics Study

Its that time of year again, where the Penn State Smeal College of Business partnered with Penske and Infosys Consulting to conduct a 3PL (third-party logistics) study to help stay current on shipper interrelationship and behavior trends.

The Cognitive Supply Chain

For generations, it’s been up to humans to keep supply chains running smoothly. But the past decade’s advances in artificial intelligence (AI), automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) have forever changed the way companies track and manage products, providing more information than ever about what’s happening at the ground level.

Smeal Lifelong Learning Encourages Growth in All Stages of Life

Too often, education is considered a finite tool, its culmination of degrees an end to the journey of arduous study and number two pencils. The Smeal College of Business, however, grasps the process of learning quite differently, where education is a limitless spiral of knowledge that caters to self-improvement as it ebbs and flows to the advancements of the world around us. 

The Longest Yard

For years, logistics professionals have referred to the final leg of the order delivery process as the last mile. It has always been important, but as the volume of e-commerce orders rises exponentially, last-mile logistics has taken on increased significance for delivery service providers, and is now front and center in the minds of shippers.

Penn State Smeal to open Center for the Business of Sustainability in 2020

The Penn State Smeal College of Business will launch the Center for the Business of Sustainability (CBoS) in 2020 to support how business meets the growing demand for resources in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner.

CSCR®️ welcomes Lockheed Martin and Retail Business Services as Newest Corporate Sponsors

At first glance, Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor, and Retail Business Services, the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA, might not have a lot in common. A closer look, however, allows The Center for Supply Chain Research® to reveal the exciting news that both are now the newest corporate sponsors.

CIO REVIEW features CSCR Research on AI and Supply Chain Management

Center for Supply Chain Research research featured in CIO Review's Supply Chain Management Special Edition looks at how companies are looking to artificial intelligence to conquer their Big Data analysis challenges in supply chain planning, sourcing, production, distribution and logistics.

Four SC&IS Seniors Awarded 2019 MIT Supply Chain Excellence Award

Four Smeal College of Business Supply Chain students were awarded the MIT Supply Chain Excellence Award, recognizing top seniors studying supply chain.

CSCR Welcomes FreightWaves and Capital One as Corporate Sponsors

Freight industry expert FreightWaves and Fortune 500 firm Capital One join the Center of Supply Chain Research as corporate sponsors.

Researchers study mobile money system to help developing world’s entrepreneurs

Chris Parker and Jason Acimovic, fellow Smeal College of Business Supply Chain and Information Systems assistant professors along with Harvard Business School’s David Drake and Karthik Balasubramanian co-author research in mobile money systems in developing countries.

Penn State Executive Programs’ offerings can strengthen your business and advance your career

Learn how the newly revamped Penn State Executive Programs can transform your business's supply chain, management and leadership objectives.