Working Papers

Working Papers published in conjunction with the research being conducted by the Institute for Real Estate Studies.
BIRES Working Papers
Number Title Author(s) Download
#31 "Why Do Team Projects Progress Slowly? A Model Based on Strategic Uncertainty" Yoshida, Jiro Download
#30 "The Rent Term Premium for Cancellable Leases" Seko, Sumita, Yoshida Download
#29 "Reputation and Exaggeration: Adverse Selection and Private Information in the Mortgage Market" Ambrose, Conklin, Yoshida Download
#28 "The Effect of Capital Investment on Firm Risk through Product Market Competition" Ambrose, Diop, Yoshida Download
#27 "Stock Prices, Regional Housing Prices, and Aggregate Technology Shocks" Yoshida, Jiro Download
#26 "Urban Economic Base as a Catalyst for Movements in Real Estate Prices" Coulson, Liu, Villupuram  
#25 "What Can We Learn from Hedonic Models When Housing Markets are Dominated by Foreclosures?" Coulson, Zabel  
#24 "Real Estate Risk and Hedge Fund Returns" Ambrose, Cao, D'Lima Download
#23 "Counterparty Risk and Capital Structure Ambrose, Emmerling, Huang, Yildirim Download
#22 "The Repeat Rent Index" Ambrose, Coulson, Yoshida Download
#21 "The Subprime Virus" Agarwal, Ambrose, Yildirim Download
#20 "Spillover Effects of Subprime Mortgage Originations" Ambrose and Diop Download
#19 "Structure and Tenure" Coulson and Fisher Download
#18 "Mobility and Mortgages Evidence from the PSID' Coulson and Grieco Download
#17 "Do House Prices Impact Business Starts?" Balasubramanyan and Coulson Download
#16 "Mortgage Brokers, Origination Fees, and Competition" Ambrose and Conklin Download
#15 "Which 'Greenness' is Valued? Evidence from Green Condominiums in Tokyo" Yoshida, Jiro and Sugiura, Ayako  
#14 "The Term Structure of Lease Rates with Endogenous Default Triggers and Tenant Capital Structure:  Theory and Evidence" Abrose, B.W., Agarwal, S., Huang, H. and Yildirim, Y. Download
#13 "House Price Index Methodologies" Coulson, N.E. Download
#12 "Temporal and Ethnic Decompositions of Homeownership Rates: Synthetic Cohorts Across Five Censuses" Coulson, N.E. Download
#11 "The Homebuilding Industry" Ambrose, B.W. Download
#10 "Fallen Angels and Price Pressure" Ambrose, B.W., K. Cai, and J. Helwege  
#9 "The Adjustable Balance Mortgage:  Reducing the Value of the Put" Ambrose, B.W., and R.J. Buttimer, Jr. Download
#8 “Stock Market Information and REIT Earnings Management.” Ambrose, B.W., and Bian, X., Download
#7 “The Role of Soft Information in a Dynamic Contract Setting: Evidence from the Home Equity Market.” S. Agrawal, B.W. Ambrose, S. Chomsisengphet, and C. Liu, Download
#6 “Does It Pay to Read Your Junk Mail? Evidence of the Effect of Advertising on Home Equity Decisions.” Agarwal, S.and B.W. Ambrose  
#5 "House Prices and Fundamentals"  355 Years of Evidence" Ambrose, B.W., P. Eichholtz, and T. Lindenthal  
#4 "CMBS Special Services and Adverse Selections in Commercial Mortgage Markets:  Theory and Evidence" Ambrose, B.W., A. Sanders, and A. Yavas  
#3 "Homeowner Tax Preferences and the Alternative Minimum Tax:  The Inequities of a Parallel Tax System" Ambrose, B.W., D.C. Ling, and G.A. McGill  
#2 "Secured Debt and Corporate Performance"  Evidence From REITs" Ambrose, B.W., S. Bonds and J. Ooi  
#1 "Subprime Lending and Default:  The Impact of Loan Concentration" Ambrose, B.W.