Mission of The Borrelli Institute for Real Estate Studies (BIRES)

The Borrelli Institute for Real Estate Studies (BIRES) is a privately-sponsored research institution whose advisory board is made up of donors to the Institute.  Established in 1985, the purpose of BIRES is to foster discussion and research between academicians and business professionals in the area of real estate and to provide a focal point for real estate education at Penn State.

The Mission of the Institute is:

  • To support the real estate faculty and programs at Penn State in their efforts at achieving international prominence as a Top-5 program.
  • To sponsor and support rigorous research focused upon financial and economic aspects of real estate markets and institutions.
  • To provide support for the real estate concentration of the undergraduate major in the Department of Risk Management, the real estate course electives in the MBA program, and the real estate major in the Ph.D. program.  In this capacity, the Institute serves as the focal point and physical presence for students interested in real estate at Penn State.