Participate in a Smeal PhD Candidate's Research Study

Participate in a Smeal PhD Candidate's Research Study

Your Help Needed for a Research Study on the Effects of the Pandemic on Working Couples 

Study ID: STUDY00016746 

We are a team of researchers at Penn State, and would like to invite you and your partner to be in a research study on the effects of the pandemic on work-life balance. Both parts of the study are completed online, you AND your partner will be answering these questions separately. Your participation is very valuable and as a small token of our gratitude we would like to offer you and your partner a $10 gift certificate for completing a survey that will take 15-20 minutes each. 

To participate please complete the following steps:

  1. A short (< 1 minute) pre-screen survey to determine your eligibility.
  2. A 15-20 minute survey: separate links will be sent to you and your partner via email
  3. Once the two surveys are completed, you will receive an $10 gift card 

When will it be held? You can participate at your convenience anytime in April and May.

How do I participate?  You can take part in the first survey or contact Min Young Yoon at to get started.