Host a Virtual MicroInternship for a Smeal Student

Smeal alumni can host virtual microinternships for Smeal students

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Smeal students are finding that their summer internship plans are being altered.

A Virtual MicroInternship is an opportunity in which a student can gain professional experience that will enhance their resume by completing part-time projects virtually, over a short time frame for a company or organization. 

Some examples of projects include: Data analytics (Excel, Tableau), social media strategy/implementation, benchmarking, research, and database management. 

Students will complete Virtual MicroInternships for experience and will not receive compensation or credit. An ideal Virtual MicroInternship time frame is about 2-4 weeks, but can vary. The experiences should conclude by July 31. 

If you're interested in hosting a Virtual MicroInternship: 

1. Fill out this form with some information about the experience you would like to offer. By filling out the form, you are simply indicating your interest; no obligation is necessary at this point. Please submit your interest by July 1. 

2. The Smeal Business Career Center is collecting the resumes of students who would like to be considered for a Virtual MicroInternship during the summer. Alumni who fill out the interest form will be provided with an online resume book so that you can consider potential Virtual MicroInternship candidates.  

3. You will be able to directly contact students from the resume book and are encouraged to have a phone conversation to discuss the Virtual MicroInternship details. 

4. During or after the phone conversation, you can determine whether the student is a good fit, and follow up by either offering the Virtual MicroInternship position to the student or letting them know you plan to choose a different candidate. If the student you make an offer to is not available to perform the Virtual MicroInternship duties, you can reach out to another student from the resume book. In some cases, students may want to perform work for more than one alumni host. 

5. Once a partnership is established, you and the student will be asked to report some information about your respective experience as it begins, and again at the conclusion of the Virtual MicroInternship. The Alumni Relations Office and Business Career Center are available for support throughout the experience, if needed. 

6. Both alumni hosts and students will be provided with some additional information and resources before the Virtual MicroInternship officially begins. 

7. If your company or organization is interested in hosting an internship for credit or compensation, please contact