Ethics Conversations with Smeal Alumni & Students

Opportunity for Smeal alumni to chat with students about ethical challenges in the workplace and in the business world.

Facilitating conversations about business ethics is essential for creating a strong foundation within a company or organization. Alumni can volunteer to help Smeal undergraduate students understand some of the dilemmas they may encounter in the workplace by sharing high-level insights on this topic based on their career experiences, real situations in the news, and hypothetical scenarios.

Please note that alumni volunteers should not feel obligated to share any classified company information or personal scenarios that they would prefer to keep private. 

Register to volunteer by XXXdate! <this will be hyperlinked to a form>

What to expect:

1. A one-time 30-minute virtual conversation will take place during the spring semester. All conversations must take place before XXXdate.

2. A staff member will pair you with a student(s) and connect you together via e-mail. You will work with the student to decide on a time that works for the two of you during the spring semester (deadline of XXX). The student will then provide you with a Zoom link (alumni volunteers must have access to Zoom during the time of their sessions). 

4. During the virtual meeting, the student will introduce themselves and then ask you a series of interview-style questions related to ethics in the workplace. Here are some suggested topics and questions that the alumni and students can use to navigage their conversation. 

5. The student will have to verify their participation by scanning a QR code that you will be given prior to the session. 

6. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jen Crispell (Director of Alumni Relations).