Corporate Partner Program

Champion the Tarriff Center for Business Ethics through Smeal’s Corporate Partner Program

Champion the Tarriff Center for Business Ethics through Smeal’s Corporate Partner Program

Increased corporate visibility at the Penn State Smeal College of Business greatly expands available human resource potential. As such, Penn State Smeal offers a variety of ways for companies to tap into the resources of Smeal and Penn State more broadly. Simultaneously, recruiters play a critical role in educating students about the demand for ethical leadership and the importance of aligning one’s own values with those that drive an organization’s culture.

Smeal’s dedicated Corporate Partners provide financial support to Smeal through an annual $10,000 membership fee. Companies interested in specifically engaging with students through initiatives that focus on the development of ethical and socially responsible leaders can do so by designating $500 of their membership fees to the Tarriff Center for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. These additional funds will expand the opportunities for organizations to connect with first- and second-year students who have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing skills that support responsible leadership and have expressed an interest in working for companies that share their belief that business can be a force for good.

Designating $500 of your Corporate Partner membership fee to the Tarriff Center for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility will allow representatives of your company to engage with high performing first- and second-year students in the following ways:

  • Values that Drive Organizational Cultures: Information and Networking Sessions, held in association with Penn State and Smeal Career Fairs. In these invitation-only sessions, you will have the opportunity to speak with students about how your company builds and sustains an organizational culture committed to ethics. Engage with students from our Honor & Integrity certified student organizations to discuss what drives culture, why your company is succeeding, and how they can implement initiatives in their organizations at Smeal and Penn State.

  • Smeal Ethical Leadership Challenge Recognition Events, held each semester. You will have the opportunity to interact with students who have proven themselves to be high achievers at formal and informal recognition ceremonies, lunches, and events.

  • First Year Professional Integrity Case Competition, held in the fall semester. You will be given the opportunity to serve as a judge in this competition, which has approximately 1,600 participants. The highest performing teams are invited to present their analysis and suggestions, receive feedback, network, and compete for prizes.

  • Professional Integrity Events, held throughout the semester. You will receive invitations throughout the academic year to participate in student engagement workshops, panels, and discussions embedded into the Smeal Ethical Leadership Challenge and moderated by a student leader. Participation in these events will allow representation of your company and industry in discussions about professional integrity and ethical dilemmas in the marketplace.

Brand Recognition

  • Logo listed on Corporate Partner page, with special notation of being a Tarriff Center Champion

  • Logo uploaded in the online platform used for the Smeal Ethical Leadership Challenge, which will be displayed for events as well as tagged (making the company searchable to students)

  • Logos listed on the Tarriff Center website and other select marketing communications

Not a Smeal corporate partner, or want to learn about additional ways you can champion business ethics and social responsibility? 

Connect with students, showcase the positive impact of your company, and help develop the next generation of ethical leaders by supporting such initiatives as:

  • Business with Integrity Case Competition: open to Penn State students across all Penn State campuses, this competition requires students to work in small teams to address a contemporary issue in business and recommend a strategic plan that demonstrates business with integrity

  • Ethics Expedition: Students apply to be a member of a specialized cohort that learns about unique responsibilities that your company upholds and participates in an on-site corporate visit to experience your corporate culture and meet with select leaders who give insight into how a commitment to responsibility is operationalized.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact Michelle Darnell at