Interfaces: Experimental Economics in Practice

List of contents from an Interfaces Special Issue about experimental economics in practice, edited by faculty in the Smeal College of Business Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions (LEMA).

Interfaces: Experimental Economics in Practice
Volume 32, Number 5, Sep/Oct 2002

This issue, edited by Gary E. Bolton and Anthony M. Kwasnica, contains a number of articles discussing the practical applications of experimental economics.

Individual articles may be accessed from the print edition or through PubsOnLine .

Introduction to the Special Issue on Experimental Economics in Practice

by: Gary E. Bolton, Anthony M. Kwasnica

The First Use of a Combined-Value Auction for Transportation Services

by: John O. Ledyard, Mark Olson, David Porter, Joseph A. Swanson, David P. Torma

Combined-value auctions (CVAs) allow participants to make an offer of a single amount for a collection of items. These auctions provide value to both buyers and sellers of goods or services in a numb...

A Decentralized, Smart Market Solution to a Class of Back-Haul Transportation Problems: Concept and Experimental Test Beds

by: Paul J. Brewer, Charles R. Plott

Back-haul problems occur in many areas of transportation. One-way rental often takes equipment, such as cases and containers, from an area of high demand to an area of low demand. The problem is to ...

Market Power and Power Markets

by: Jurgen Weiss

Market power is a prominent issue in the current debate about electricity industry restructuring. Market experiments I conducted with industry subjects via the Internet show the impact of seller conc...

Micromotives in Global Environmental Policy

by: Jason F. Shogren

Protecting ourselves cost-effectively from such global environmental threats as climate change requires a good understanding of the behavioral underpinnings that drive choice under risk and uncertaint...

Minimum Advertised-Price Policy Rules and Retailer Behavior: An Experiment by Hewlett-Packard

by: Gary Charness, Kay-Yut Chen

We tested the effects of various policy rules on retailer behavior in laboratory experiments conducted at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Our experimental design models the multifaceted contemporary mar...

Experimental Economics and Supply-Chain Management

by: Rachel Croson, Karen Donohue

One area in which experimental economics methods have been used to study operations problems is supply-chain management. We survey results from a series of human experiments based on the popular beer...

Practice Abstracts: Maximizing Throughput in Large Robotic Cells at FSI

by: Subodha Kumar, Natarajan Ramanan, Chelliah Sriskandarajah, Donald L. Keefer, editor

(Manufacturing: automated systems. Production/scheduling: applications. Programming: integer, algorithms, genetic.)...

College Football Rankings: Do the Computers Know Best?

by: Joseph S. Martinich

The bowl-championship-series (BCS) committee uses 10 ranking schemes, including eight computer rankings, to select college football teams for bowl-championship-series bowl games, including the nationa...

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