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Participate in or Conduct an Experiment

LEMA welcomes Penn State students and faculty

STUDENTS: participate in an experiment

Penn State students can sign up to participate in our experiments. Students will earn cash for their participation, as well as gain a valuable learning opportunity.

Visit our recruitment site to register for an experiment and earn money.

FACULTY: conduct an experiment

Penn State faculty, as well as colleagues at other institutions, are welcome to use LEMA for research purposes. LEMA is also available to demonstrate games and markets to MBA and Ph.D. students.

What should I do first?

Please read and sign the LEMA User Contract, to be mailed to the . Also read the Laboratory Usage Guidelines.

How do I register with LEMA?

First of all, make sure your research is approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), then you can contact the to request the usage of lab.

How do I register an experiment?

After becoming a LEMA member, you can login and sign up to conduct an experiment.

Whom should I contact for further information?

Contact the .