Participate in or Conduct an Experiment

Information for prospective participants and researchers concerning experiments in the Smeal College of Business Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions (LEMA).

LEMA welcomes Penn State students and faculty

STUDENTS: participate in an experiment

Penn State students can sign up to participate in our experiments. Students will earn cash for their participation, as well as gain a valuable learning opportunity.

Visit our recruitment site to register for an experiment and earn money.

RESEARCHERS: conduct an experiment

Penn State faculty and students, as well as colleagues at other institutions, are welcome to use LEMA for research purposes. LEMA is also available to demonstrate games and markets to students. Use of the lab must conform to all LEMA criteria; these are

  • Lab use is for the purpose of conducting research (classroom use is not permitted except with special permission for uses such as demonstrating games and markets to students).
  • Research is conducted by a Penn State faculty or a student working under the supervision of a Penn State faculty. Researchers outside of Penn State seeking access to the lab need to request special permission from the lab director. For more information on obtaining access and using the resources please check the  Laboratory Usage Guidelines.
  • The research has been granted a valid Penn State IRB for use of human subjects.
  • Subjects are paid monetary incentives based on their earnings (not just a flat fee) for participation.
  • There is no deception involved in the experiment.
  • A Penn State User ID (visitors can obtain temporary login credentials).

Whom should I contact for further information?

Contact the .