Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

Information on the ways corporations can support Smeal diversity initiatives through the Diversity Enhancement Programs office.

Companies can offer support for Smeal diversity initiatives in a variety of ways through scholarships and by contributing funds to events hosted by the Diversity Enhancement Programs office.

  • Scholarships: Scholarships are needed for the purpose of recruiting and retaining diverse, underrepresented and underserved students in Smeal. Most scholarships are provided on an annual basis and are contingent upon the recipient maintaining a minimum cumulative grade-point average.
  • Study Abroad Scholarships: Highly encouraged by the college, about one-fourth of Smeal graduates have an education abroad experience. However, only 5 percent of underrepresented students at Smeal study abroad, largely due to economic constraints. Study abroad scholarships can open this opportunity to more students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Emergency Funds: Emergency funds are needed to assist Smeal students with tuition balances or the purchase of textbooks. Awards are based upon documentation of financial need and verified by the Penn State Office of Student Aid. Students who receive funds are committed to a required number of hours providing service for the Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs.
  • Striving Toward Awareness and Respect for Tomorrow (START) Conference: This annual, one-day, student-run conference focuses on diversity awareness in the workplace. A campus-wide essay contest is included as part of the conference agenda. Organizations that contribute funds, help offset costs of the event and provide scholarships to essay contest winners who are asked to present during the conference.
  • Business Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS): A two-week summer experience for rising high school seniors at the University Park campus that introduces them to the rigors of college academics and the admissions process. Companies that contribute to the costs of running the program may lead a workshop during the event, or schedule on-site visits for program participants to learn more about their organization.


  • Diversity Scholars Meetings: Once a month, approximately 50 of Smeal’s diversity scholars, ranging from first-year scholars to fifth-year MAcc and Professional Masters' students, convene to network with one another. Companies can host a meeting, which not only promotes their organization, but also offers students a professional development opportunity.
  • Smeal Multicultural Organizations (SMO) Meetings: A representative from each diversity organization meets once a month to promote their event dates, collaborate on events, and share corporate experiences. Sponsorship would include an invitation to a SMO meeting and also help to fund diversity organization programs.
  • Change-of-Campus (COC) Programs: COC programs help diversity juniors from commonwealth campuses transition to the University Park campus. The programs target soft skills and professional development. Sponsorship includes an invitation to host a COC program and work one-on-one with these potential job candidates.