The Data Driven Supply Chain

The Fall 2019 Supply Chain Leaders' Forum theme will be The Data Driven Supply Chain.

Fall 2019 Supply Chain Leaders' Forum

October 16 - 17, 2019

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Today’s environment requires a new way for leaders to think about managing supply-chains with actionable insights from data and devices. Our speakers and panel members will be sharing their thoughts on how emerging technologies are being used to provide strategic advantage to their firms and customers.

We also know, as a strategic asset, analytics offers new opportunities for competitive advantage to help make better supply chain (business) decisions. How will you incorporate this into your culture, people and processes to properly harness data and technology to drive data-driven decisions, and find actionable insights? How can you position your organization to outpace your competitors?

This forum explores how various supply-chain technologies are incorporating analytics for the supply chain leader to drive transformational insights across the enterprise optimizing value creation.

Our speaker topics will be focused around:

  • thought-leading research
  • business intelligence
  • artificial intelligence
  • blockchain
  • cybersecurity
  • the industrial internet of things (IIoT)

And, other leading-edge applications that are changing the way supply chains will work now and into the future.

Additional forum information and registration can be accessed with this link.

The Supply Chain Leaders' Forum connects leading supply chain professionals with academics twice a year to discuss business challenges organizations must address to remain competitive. These forums are uniquely formatted to drive purposeful discussion and to seek commonalities in business practice. Themes from prior leader forums include supply chain visibility, customization, flexibility, transformation, and globalization.

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