Game-Changing Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

Supply Chain Leaders' Forum connects leading supply chain professionals with academics twice a year to discuss business challenges organizations must address to remain competitive. These forums are uniquely formatted to drive purposeful discussion and to seek commonalities in business practice. Themes from prior leader forums include supply chain visibility, customization, flexibility, transformation, strategy, Lean/Six Sigma, globalization, environmental sustainability, integration, synchronization, emerging technology, and talent development.

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Spring 2018 Supply Chain Leaders' Forum
February 21 - 22, 2018

Technologies have been major impetuses to change in the development of business practices and economic landscape.  While the topic of technological forces is not new, three mega themes of game-changing technologies in supply chain and logistics – mobility, digitalization, and automation – continue to evolve and the underlying technology trends continue to develop and may be more difficult to discern.  This forum explores the underlying game-changing technologies of the three mega themes, current applications of these various technologies to improve supply chain and logistics performance, and potential opportunities for innovative applications that will shape the future of intelligent, data-driven supply chain.

Join us for the following general and breakout sessions.

  • Game-Changing Technologies in Supply Chain & Logistics, Mr. Steve Tracey, Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research™
  • Blockchain for the Supply Chain, Mr. Stephen J. Rogers, Vice President Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain Industry Platforms, IBM
  • Using the Power of Digitization to Transform Business Models, Mr. Joseph Krkoska, Executive Vice President of Global Operations, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions
  • Economic and Supply Chain Implications of Additive Manufacturing, Dr. Timothy W. Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design and Manufacturing; Director, Additive Manufacturing & Design Graduate Program; Co-Director, Penn State CIMP-3D
  • Betting on Automation Technology to Achieve Digital Transformation, Mr. Jason Kerner, Vice President, Sales Engineering, project44
  • Data Analytics, Mr. Devavrat Bapat, Senior Director, Data Science, Johnson & Johnson
  • US Network Transportation Analytics, Mr. Dale McClung, Director of Design Solutions, CLX Logistics

Details of the upcoming forum and registration can be accessed through this link.

Twice a year the Center for Supply Chain Research™ sponsors an invitation-only, issues discussion program called the Supply Chain Leaders' Forum intended for mid to senior level supply chain managers and executives. Its purpose is to foster peer-to-peer discussions of current issues dealing with logistics and supply chain management and to seek commonalities in business practice. Themes from prior Supply Chain Leaders' Forums include; visibility, transformation, strategy, Lean/Six Sigma, globalization, sustainability, complexity, emerging technology, integration, synchronization, talent development, omni-channel, security, risk mitigation, and data analytics.

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