Vision, Mission, & Values

Here is what makes CSCR®, CSCR®. We are committed to our mission, vision, and values, and we invite you to take a look at what they are!

The Center for Supply Chain Research® (CSCR®), part of the internationally ranked Penn State Smeal College of Business, connects researchers and professionals from leading organizations within a community that is shaping the future of the supply chain discipline. 

Although research is in our name and a core part of what we do, it is just one aspect of a mission that includes knowledge enhancement through educational offerings, access to emerging talent from one of the nation’s leading supply chain institution, and opportunities to network with other supply chain professionals.


Shaping smarter supply chains, giving people and organizations the thought leadership, skills, knowledge and connections that deliver meaningful impact for life.


To serve as a leader in supply chain education and research, making meaningful impacts by:

  • Providing an unmatched, distinguished center of excellence
  • Bridging higher learning with industry
  • Building the pillars of supply chain research, innovation, and world-class knowledge
  • Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between students, alumni, partners and faculty


CSCR® is committed to upholding the Penn State Values and the Smeal Honor Code. In addition, we strive to uphold to our own set of values which include:

  • Humility: We believe self-awareness and self-improvement are crucial catalysts for both career and individual growth.
  • Lifetime Partnership: We aim to serve not only as as a resource for you in the present, but also as a lifetime partner for future collaborations.
  • Thought Leadership: We support our students, alumni, partners, and faculty as they lead, to inspire, and serve as an invaluable resource for the supply chain industry. 
  • Lifelong Learning: We embrace a lifelong learning mindset and provide engaging learning opportunities for our community. 
  • Inclusive Diversity: We commit to being as inclusive as possible and open to diverse opinions in order for better research, more informed leadership, and the betterment of our center.
  • Evolving Expertise: We know that adaptability is vital to our executive learning programs and courses.
  • Receptive Listening: We respect the needs and goals of our students, alumni, partners, and faculty.