Smeal In Your City FAQs

Frequently asked questions for the Smeal In Your City event.

What is Smeal in Your City?

Smeal In Your City is an event aimed at allowing alumni & professional graduate students harness the power of the Penn State network. Each event will offer a venue for attendees to gather together and celebrate their Penn State Smeal connection. 

Who is invited?

Penn State Smeal alumni and current or admitted students of Smeal professional graduate programs.

Who sponsors and hosts the gatherings?

The events are hosted by the Smeal College of Business, with planning and hosting partnerships from the Smeal Alumni Society Board and Smeal alumni volunteers.

What should I expect from a gathering?

The event is organized locally by alumni volunteers. During the event, you will be able to meet local Smeal alumni, expand your network, and share professional experiences. Light snacks will be provided, and individuals can purchase their own beverages.

Why is my city not listed?

Since this is our inaugural event, we are only hosting in a limited number of cities. Our goal is to grow over time, so if you are interested in hosting a future event, please contact Jen Crispell, director of alumni relations. 

How can I contribute to Smeal In Your City?

There are several ways you can help. Contacting the host of your local event and offer your help for pre-planning. In addition, share the event on social media with your personal Smeal network. 

How much does it cost to register to attend?

There is no registration fee. Light snacks will be provided, and individuals can purchase their own beverages.