Board Sponsorship Award Guidelines

Smeal Board Sponsorship Award Guidelines

Number of Awards
One award is given each year, assuming the nominee is approved by the selection committee. The recipient will earn the opportunity to serve on the Smeal Alumni Society Board as an Ex-Officio Director for the following year (the cost of lodging is provided).

Graduating Smeal students. 

Honors a Smeal graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and scholarship.

Nominations are solicited from Smeal faculty, staff, student organizations, and current members of the Smeal Alumni Society.

Selecting Body
The selection committee includes, but is not limited to, the Smeal Alumni Society Board’s Executive Committee, the At-Large Directors, and Smeal’s Director of Alumni Relations.

Nominations are typically sought in the early fall. The award is presented to the recipient in a formal ceremony during the annual Smeal Alumni Society Board’s Awards program held each spring.

Smeal's Alumni Relations Office
Phone: (814) 865-7831