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The Accounting Department faculty have the central responsibility of the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the faculty.

Accounting Department Faculty
Name (Last, First) Title Email Office Address
Huddart, Steven

Smeal Chair Professor in Accounting

Department Chair

sjh11@psu.edu 354B Business Building
Name (Last, First) Title Email Office Address
Babcock, Edward

Director of the Integrated MAcc Program


eeb12@psu.edu 325 Business Building
Barron, Orie

PwC Research Fellow in Accounting


Director of Smeal's Schreyer Honors Program

oeb1@psu.edu 314 Business Building
Baughman, Kathy

Part-Time Instructor

356 Business
Collins, Scott

Director of the One-Year MAcc Program

Clinical Assistant Professor

sgc132@psu.edu 326 Business Building
Crum, Robert
Associate Professor rpc1@psu.edu
Curling, Shelley Part-Time Instructor 356 Business Building
Dionisio, Joseph

Professor of Practice in HPA

Director of External Relations in the Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Programs in HPA

jdd19@psu.edu 118 Keller Building
Du, Kai Assistant Professor kxd30@psu.edu 374 Business Building
Friedken, Lawrence Instructor ljf4@psu.edu 101 Elliott Building
Givoly, Dan Ernst & Young Professor dug3@psu.edu 305 Business Building
Gong, Guojin Associate Professor gug3@psu.edu 358 Business Building
Green, Jeremiah Assistant Professor jrg28@psu.edu 378 Business Building
Jenkins, Edward Instructor erj2@psu.edu 321 Business Building
Ketz, J. Edward Associate Professor edketz@psu.edu 342 Business Building
Kile, Charles Senior Instructor ckj110@psu.edu 319 Business Building
Laux, Rick Assistant Professor rcl11@psu.edu 373 Business Building
Louis, Henock KPMG Professor hul4@psu.edu 380 Business Building
McClure, Nancy Instructor nlm1@psu.edu 307 Business Building
Muller, Karl

Robert and Sandra Poole Faculty Fellow in Accounting

Associate Professor

kam23@psu.edu 384 Business Building
Neilson, Jed

Assistant Professor

376 Business Building
Patrick, Patricia Clinical Associate Professor pap157@psu.edu 377 Business Building
Qu, Hong Assistant Professor hxq2@psu.edu 357 Business Building
Rosenberg, Michael Instructor mur24@psu.edu 356 Business Building
Samuel, Sajay Clinical Professor sajay@psu.edu 379 Business Building
Smith, Eric Part-Time Instructor 356 Business Building
Sohn, Schalyn Instructor 320 Business Building
White, Hal Associate Professor hdw113@psu.edu 385 Business Building
Wright, Suzanne Senior Lecturer sma118@psu.edu

327 Business Building

Xie, Biqin Assistant Professor bxx5@psu.edu 375 Business Building
Yener, Barbara Instructor bay120@psu.edu 317 Business Building
Name (Last, First) Title Email Office Address
Licastro, Ralph Senior Lecturer, Retired rdl2@psu.edu 381A Business Building
Name (Last, First) Title Email Office Address
Dirsmith, Mark Emeritus Professor eu3@psu.edu 381A Business Building
Malcom, Robert Emeritus Professor rem@psu.edu 381A Business Building
Jablonsky, Stephen Emeritus Associate Professor jir@psu.edu 381A Business Building
McKeown, James Smeal Chaired Professor Emeritus jcm@psu.edu 381A Business Building
Smith, Charles KPMG Professor Emeritus chs2@psu.edu 381A Business Building