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Doctoral Students

Doctoral students in the Accounting department are participants in the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the doctoral students in the department.

Doctoral Students Contact Information
Name (Last, First)E-MailPhoneOffice Address
Alhusaini, Badryah bya101@psu.edu 865-3572 384A Business
Boghossian, Mirna 865-0600 386 Business
Carnes, Bobby rrc157@psu.edu 865-0573 371B Business
Deng, Junfang (Zero) jyd5154@psu.edu 865-1963 371A Business
Diamante, Joseph jmd633@psu.edu 865-1963 371A Business
Gogar, Apoorv 865-0601 383 Business
Guo, Di dug161@psu.edu 863-5462 371B Business
Hagerty, Alyssa 865-0600 386 Business
Houghton, Sophia szh186@psu.edu 863-3458 318B Business
Jiang, Xin (Daniel) xuj106@psu.edu 865-0600 321A Business
Kabir, Farah fnk104@psu.edu 865-3572 384A Business
Shirley, Syrena 865-0601 384B Business
Tarrant, Ian imt108@psu.edu 863-3458 318B Business
Vafi Sani, Jalal 865-0601 384B Business