Enterprise Risk Management

Information on the Enterprise Risk Management option within the Risk Management major.

Career Overview

The goal of the enterprise risk management function is the enhance firm value throughout he optimal treatment of risk. Corporate interest in enterprise risk management has grown steadily in recent year, fueled in part by the regulatory mandates or improved risk management systems. In addition, organizations like Standard & Poor's, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the New York Stock Exchange now require increased risk management disclosure and assessment in corporate financial statements.

Employment Prospects

The Enterprise Risk Management option prepares students to work int he risk management department of major multinational and domestic corporations. The risk management function interacts with a firm's internal and external auditing functions, and entry-level positions are available in each of these areas. Demand for risk management expertise has grown throughout the economy since 2000, especially among healthcare, energy, and financial services firms. Students are also recruited by firms in industries related to risk management, including accounting firms, insurance companies, insurance brokerage, consultancy, and benefits management.

Top Internship Companies at Penn State for ERMTop Full-Time Companies at Penn State for ERM
JPMorgan Chase EY
Liberty Mutual Insurance JPMorgan Chase
PNC Financial Services Group PNC Financial Services Group

Option Overview

The Enterprise Risk Management option coursework teaches students to conceptualize decisions involving risk, analyse options, estimate risk, and communicate their analysis to others. Students will explore liability risks, operational risks, employment practices risk, financial risks and political risks, spanning a wide array of disciplines such as finance, business law, and strategic risk management.

More Information

You can find more information on the Enterprise Risk Management option within in the Risk Management major and what courses are required on the Undergraduate Education page.

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