Apply to Penn State Smeal One-Year Residential Master's

The Penn State Smeal one-year residential master's programs application process consists of two parts. In Part 1, you will access the Penn State Graduate School Application portal to complete the online application. Required materials for the online application include your current resume, copies of official educational transcripts (and degree certificate if applicable), three reference contacts, official English language proficiency exam scores (for international candidates), and a $65 application fee. Part 2 involves a virtual interview and essay through Kira Talent. The virtual interview is a one-way recorded session where you will respond to three behavioral questions on video. You will also be given an essay question and a timed session to provide a written response.

Thank you for your interest in a Penn State Smeal one-year residential master's program. To be considered for admission, all components of the application must be received by the respective deadline. As part of the online application process, a fee of $65 will be required. Once you have submitted your application to the Graduate School, the most accurate way to check the status of your application and confirm receipt of your materials is by contacting us at

  • Part 1: Penn State Graduate School Online Application
    • Resume
    • Copies of official educational transcripts (and copy of degree certificate if applicable)
    • Reference contacts (3): Provide the names, titles, relationships, and contact information for three professional or academic references
    • Official English language proficiency exam scores (for international applicants)
    • Application fee: $65
  • Part 2: Virtual Interview and Essay via Kira Talent
    • Within 24 hours of starting your Graduate School Online Application, you will receive a link to complete your virtual interview and essay. The virtual interview consists of answering three behavioral questions in a recorded video format within a timed session. The essay portion requires a written response to an admissions essay question within a timed session. Your interview and essay should be completed within seven days of submitting your Graduate School Online Application.

    Start Your Application

    To begin, use the Penn State Graduate School Application portal to start or access the online application. You can return to this portal anytime during the process.

    For specific program information, use the table below.

    Penn State Smeal One-Year Master's Degrees
    Program  Desired Program Details
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Accounting
    • Degree: Master of Accounting (MACC)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    Accounting Analytics
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Accounting Analytics
    • Degree: Master of Accounting (MACC)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    Business Analytics
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Business Analytics
    • Degree: Master of Business Analytics (MBAN)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Finance
    • Degree: Master of Finance (MFIN)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    One-Year MBA
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Business Administration - M.B.A., D.B.A.
    • Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    Real Estate Analysis & Development 
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Real Estate Analysis & Development 
    • Degree: Master of Real Estate (MRE)
    • Semester: Fall 2024
    Supply Chain Management
    • Campus: University Park
    • Major: Supply Chain Management
    • Degree: Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM)
    • Semester: Fall 2024

    Application Deadlines 

    Deadlines for Fall 2024 Intake Submit Your Application By Expect a Decision By
    1st Round October 1 December 1
    2nd Round December 1 February 1
    3rd Round: Priority deadline for international applicants February 1 April 1
    4th Round April 1 June 1