Smeal Update: June 19, 2020

Understanding Juneteenth and the Greenwood Massacre

  • Today we reflected on the significance of Juneteenth and a growing understanding that we still have much work to do on matters of race. As the nation observes the holiday and remembers the Greenwood Massacre in Oklahoma, the Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs offers several articles and educational resources to enhance understanding and awareness across the Smeal community:

About Juneteenth:

About the Greenwood (Tulsa), Oklahoma Massacre, better known as the destruction of Black Wall Street

New taskforce to enhance Penn State Smeal’s culture of diversity and inclusion

  • A new taskforce led by Jamie Campbell, assistant dean for diversity enhancement programs, is being formed to identify creative solutions to build upon Smeal’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. According to Campbell, the new Diversity Task Force will augment the work of college’s Diversity Committee by identifying outreach opportunities for Smeal faculty, staff, and students. These will include education, training, and activities that will enhance the college’s culture and prepare community members to engage more effectively with a global workforce.

Bringing accountability to the Smeal Honor Code

  • An emerging strategy will outline professional integrity standards for the Smeal College of Business and clarify measures for holding students accountable for upholding the honor code.
  • Michelle Darnell, director of honor and integrity, has assembled a group of Smeal community members who will work to: 1.) enhance awareness of the honor code and its role in shaping professional development, 2.) engage students in activities that will help them relate personally to the honor code, and 3.) encourage students to advocate for honor and integrity while holding their peers accountable.
  • The strategy will also provide guidance to faculty and staff in approaching students whose actions violate the honor code 

Back to State: Smeal actively planning for Fall Semester

  • In response to Penn State’s recently announced intention to resume on-campus work and learning in the fall semester, Smeal leadership is actively mapping out plans for the college.
  • The work, which began more than a month ago, includes efforts to:
    • provide for the safety of Smeal’s students, faculty, and staff members;
    • accommodate the varied teaching and learning preferences of students and faculty members;
    • provide instructional support and training, and
    • help community members cope with change.
  • We know that many have questions, and we are working hard to provide answers quickly and thoroughly.
  • Keep an eye on the Smeal COVID-19 FAQ page for updates on these plans as they evolve.

Next Smeal Community Zoom Session planned

  • As a reminder, the next Smeal Community Zoom Session has been planned for 11 – 11:50 a.m. Tuesday. If you are able to attend, connect via this link.