Smeal Logo Resources

Overview of the Penn State visual identity and the institution's masterbrand architecture as it relates to the Smeal College of Business. Includes downloadable logo files.

The Penn State visual identity—including the symbol, name/logotype, and color—is the single most visible representation of the University. In August 2015, Penn State introduced a new logo and masterbrand architecture that supports entities such as the Smeal College of Business. More information on this transition is available online.

For Download

The Smeal College of Business mark—commonly referred to as its logo—is available within a downloadable zip folder for use by faculty and staff. The zip folder includes two files: Smeal-Logo-Standard.eps (for on light-colored backgrounds) and Smeal-Logo-Reverse.eps (for on dark-colored backgrounds). The EPS file formats should be sufficient for many usage cases when dragging the file directly into applications such as Powerpoint and Word.

Assistance Available: If you have logo usage questions or require files suitable for print or a custom project, please  the Smeal Marketing and Public Relations Department.


Alteration of the Smeal College of Business mark is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to changing colors, adding additional information such as department or unit identifiers, and modifying fonts or typeface alignment. Additionally, other University logos—in particular the one for Penn State Athletics—should not be used to identify Smeal.

Complete guidelines are available at the Penn State Visual Identity Website.