Smeal Update: April 17, 2020

Dear Smeal Community,

Welcome to another edition of the Smeal COVID-19 Update, which includes important information regarding the University’s response to the pandemic and the impact on Smeal.

Our Smeal Coronavirus FAQ page contains links to the University’s faculty/staff FAQs and other pertinent information. My continued thanks to the Smeal Community for your efforts in meeting the needs of our students. 

Next Smeal Community Zoom Session planned

Encourage graduating seniors to complete senior exit survey

  • If you are teaching undergraduates this semester, please encourage them to complete the senior exit survey that will help the Business Career Center better understand students’ post-graduate plans. A recent email from Valerie Struble contains a sample message. Click here for the survey:

Penn State releases news about recent decisions

Keep a watchful eye out for students in distress

  • The pandemic has created some acute challenges, especially for students. If you are aware of a student who is experiencing emotional distress, financial hardship, food insecurity, or a similar challenge, please consider the following:
  • Referring them to Penn State Counseling and Psychological Services, which is operational and providing services via telephone at 814-863-0395.
  • Donating to the Student Care and Advocacy Emergency Fund.
  • Donating to the Lion's Pantry, for students residing in the State College area.

If you have information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on Penn State Smeal and would like to share it through this update, please email it to Andy Elder, manager of public relations, at You can also share examples of “We Are” stories involving anyone in our Smeal Community.