Friday, August 13, 2021

Patience and kindness key as we return to the Business Building

As Rebecca Cianci so astutely pointed out in her email earlier this week, many of us are challenged by looming deadlines and the ever-changing pandemic guidelines. As we attempt to navigate challenging personal and professional situations, it’s a good time to remember the virtues of kindness and patience. Many, if not all, of Smeal’s teams are straining under the demands on their time as fall semester looms. I would ask everyone to remember that we are all facing our own unique set of circumstances. A return to the Business Building on Monday will introduce a sense of normalcy for some, but not everything will be the same. We will be adjusting to a new mixed work environment. If we embrace our Smeal values and help lift each other up, the start of the new semester will hopefully come and go without incident and we can settle into the familiar rhythms we are all accustomed to.

ISBM names another Distinguished Research Fellow

Smeal’s Institute for the Study of Business Markets has named Mark Houston, associate dean for faculty and research and Eunice and James L. West Chair in Marketing in Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business, as an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow. Fellows are selected by their peers in recognition of the impact of their work and their dedication to the advancement of business-to-business marketing practice and theory. Houston’s expertise lies in entertainment product success, innovation/technology management, product development, and channels/relationship marketing. Both Houston and Sundar Bharadwaj, the Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, were inducted to the group of ISBM Fellows during a special session at the ISBM Academic Conference, which was held online Thursday.

Do you know someone who rocks? Nominate them!

Each month the Smeal Staff Advisory Committee names a You Rock! Award recipient. You can nominate a co-worker for the You Rock! Award online.

The Smeal Community Weekly Poll

This week's survey asks your opinion about tacos. Click this link to participate. Results will be shared during the next Smeal Community Zoom, at 1 p.m. Monday.

Questions from faculty

Can you provide an update on faculty work adjustment requests?

In the period of time during which the faculty work adjustment process was reopened – from Aug. 5-12 – more than 275 requests were received. The Aug. 12 deadline has now passed. The committee that reviews work adjustment requests is reviewing these requests as quickly as possible and hopes to have responses to all applicants by early next week, except for those faculty from whom additional information was requested. Faculty will receive a response from the committee regardless of the decision. When a work adjustment is approved, assuming that the request involves changing the mode of a course from in-person to remote, the faculty member must work with their department head/school director/division head/DAA to request a change of course mode. Information about how to make such a request is sent to the unit executive (dean/chancellor) when a work adjustment is approved.

Can I trust in the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines?

Researchers and medical doctors at Penn State explain that the results of rigorously conducted clinical trials and comprehensive safety monitoring after widespread vaccine uptake among the public suggests there is little to fear, and they strongly encourage those who are on the fence to get vaccinated. Read the full FAQ here.