Center for Supply Chain Research® Q1 2021 News Highlights PDF

The Center for Supply Chain Research Q1 (first quarter) 2021 News Highlights features the 2021-2022 CSCR® Board of Advisors, new corporate sponsors JWF Industries and NTT Data Services, faculty highlights including Dr. Saurabh Bansal awarded the Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research by INFORMS, a discussion of Smeal's Professor Dan Guide and his research on closed-loop supply chains, an upcoming Smeal Lifelong Learning Webinar with Dr. Felisa Higgins discussing her research on the food supply chain resiliency, Dr. Evelyn Thomchick and Dr. Kusumal Ruamsook featured research on the role of biomass in supply chain sustainability, Smeal's SCIS faculty role in Penn State's interdisciplinary COVID response, new research possibilities with Smeal's early adoption of blockchain project with GoChain, the launch of CSCR's new Supply Chain Podcast Series, and Penn State Executive Program Supply Chain Management Portfolio of their live remote Spring 2021 must-attend programs.