Introducing our newest CSCR team member, Kinzi Dorr

The Center for Supply Chain Research® welcomes Kinzi Dorr, the Center's new marketing communications specialist.

CSCR® welcomes Kinzi Dorr, the Center's new marketing communications specialist.

What drew Dorr to CSCR is the dynamic team of academic leaders and staff “who pioneer advancements in supply chain research, support corporate sponsorships, and work to creatively integrate a thriving community of professionals and academics.”

Dorr is excited to join a community as robust as the Center’s, applying her experience working as the senior communications coordinator for the Graduate College at Boise State University to further its visionary thinking, thought leadership, and lifelong learning.

With a Master’s degree in Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Relational and Organizational Communication from Boise State University, Dorr is excited to use her strong writing skills and passion for engaging content to further propel CSCR’s communications and marketing strategy, website design, and social media platforms.

Dorr is especially looking forward to working within supply chain and information systems.

“To me, one of the neatest parts of supply chain and information systems is found within the wide variety of industries affected by this discipline and how research and advancements within these areas can lead to untold changes in our world, ranging from sustainability to healthcare, changes in media distribution, and much more.”

Currently, Dorr resides in Boise, Idaho, which is also known as the “City of Trees” with her husband and one-year-old Great Pyrenees/Akbash mix. They are excited to travel in the post-pandemic world, fulfilling their trip to Belize which had to be postponed last year.

Dorr is especially excited to work for Penn State alongside the Nittany Lion, joining a world where blue and white runs thick in the veins. To this end, she is most looking forward to the active, driven culture of Smeal alumni, working with students and faculty to shed light on Smeal's top supply chain program and research, and to bolster the relationships with corporate sponsors who make the CSCR community a dynamic entity of innovation that it is today.

My favorite aspect of working for a university is the shared spirit and excitement centered around change,” Dorr added. “Students, staff, and faculty are uniquely positioned to create, explore, and positively affect not only their colleges but also their communities and beyond.”