CSCR® Welcomes Colas USA, Infosys Consulting, JWF Industries, NASPO, and Sysco Foods as Corporate Sponsors

Let's dig a little deeper into who our newest corporate sponsors are! We welcome Sysco Foods, Infosys Consulting, NASPO, JWF Industries, and Colas USA.

This year has been as strenuous and as unprecedented as they come, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, always a silver lining.

For CSCR, it’s the exciting news of welcoming Colas USA, Infosys Consulting, JWF Industries, NASPO, and Sysco Foods as our latest corporate sponsors!

Colas USA dips its toes in the waters of infrastructure, construction, and maintenance, allowing its services to take others' places — literally and meaningfully. By working on roads, rail, maritime, and airline travel through its seven subsidiaries, Colas USA is able to fuel urban developments and recreational projects that benefit communities nationwide. 

The company defines its network of local business units as strong and decentralized and prides its community culture as one that puts the customers first. Sustainability, recycling, and energy efficiency are the pillars upon which Colas is built upon, with prolific customer relations always at the forefront.

Learn more about Colas USA by accessing this link.

Infosys Consulting is no stranger to management consulting either, providing services ranging from IT or digital transformation, change management as well as business analytics. All clients who work with Infosys Consulting will find their AI-powered, digital agility and always-on learning approach allows the change to be as seamless and ergonomic as possible.

A sustainable future is important to the company, and their strides in becoming carbon neutral have won them a UN Global Climate Action Award in the 'Carbon Neutral Now' category. According to their site, Infosys is sourcing 46% of their total electricity from renewable energy sources.

Learn more about Infosys Consulting by accessing this link.

JWF Industries' story began 30 years ago in the back of a pick-up truck owned by John Polacek Sr., Johnny’s Welding, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Today the manufacturer has grown to over $100 million in sales, a 1.1 million square foot facility, and employs over 400 people in the Johnstown community. In 1987, Bill Polacek bought Johnny’s Welding from his mother after John Sr. passed and started building the Johnstown Welding and Fabrication Company, renamed JWF Industries in 2001.

John Polacek Jr. joined his brother, Bill, in 2007, and they begin diversifying as a prime contractor, JWF Defense Systems, for the U.S. Department of Defense. Always the innovators, the brothers also filled a need for the oil and gas industry. In 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) mandated new drilling regulations for the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations, and in 2011 ETC (Environmental Tank and Container) of Pennsylvania, a new division of JWF Industries, developed above-ground containment transport vehicles. Since that time, ETC has expanded their operations into Texas after purchasing PCI Manufacturing Solutions in Sulpher Springs, Texas, in 2019.

JWF Industries' formula for success lies in finding what the customer needs and growing and changing to meet those needs while allowing their people to succeed in a culture promoting: honesty and integrity; uncompromising quality, value, and service; a safe working environment that protects and promotes the health and well being of the individual and the environment; and responsible stewards of their communities.

Learn more about JWF Industries by accessing this link.

NASPO stands for the National Association of State Procurement Officials, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bolster state procurement through three major strengths: education, research and communication. The non-profit made up of the central purchasing office directors from all 50 states offers essential services like management, financial consulting, research and publications as well as member services. Innovation, for NASPO, is key.

The association is also home to NASPO ValuePoint, a program that provides public cooperative contracting. NASPO is able to gather the leadership and skill across all 50 states along with the purchasing power of their public sectors and find the contracts with the best, most affordable prices. 

Learn more about NASPO by accessing this link.

Sysco Foods serves communities far and wide in food distribution, management consulting, and marketing food/restaurant/kitchen products. Sysco’s ecosystem subsists on the pillars of foodservice and hospitality, providing both with outstanding service and care. With over 330 distribution centers around the world, restaurants, stores or other suppliers can be sure their customers get the best of the best in meat, seafood and fresh foods.

Moreover, the corporation proudly works with more local rangers, growers, and producers than any other distributor in the industry with a community-first mentality, as seen by their transparent and public-access corporate social responsibility reports.

Learn more about Sysco Foods by accessing this link.