Smeal's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

A statement from Dean Charles H. Whiteman on Smeal's commitment to diversity and inclusion

Portrait of Charles Whiteman.

Dear Penn State Smeal alumni:

The events of the past month reflect a sad, frustrating, and downright hurtful period for people across our country and right here at home. The words and actions of many strongly suggest that we have much work to do on matters of race.

At Smeal, our commitment to honor, integrity, diversity, and inclusion serves as the bedrock of a culture with which we all identify and of we which we have become immensely proud. My colleagues and I pledge our steadfast commitment to condemning acts of racism and other examples of hate around the world and on our campus. And we will do everything we can to support the members of our community who are most impacted by them.

Indeed, we will take the opportunity of this moment to make sure that all students, parents, faculty, and staff members feel welcome here, regardless of their skin color, how or whether they worship, the person they may love, or the circumstances in which they live.

Jamie Campbell, assistant dean for diversity enhancement programs, and his colleagues have engaged with the Smeal Student Council and the Council of Multicultural Organizations about a diversity statement for the college. Jamie has also convened a Diversity Task Force to identify outreach opportunities for Smeal faculty, staff, students, and alumni. These will include education, training, and activities that will enhance the college’s culture and prepare community members to engage more effectively with a global workforce.

Finally, Smeal’s Offices of Diversity Enhancement Programs and Undergraduate Education are collaborating to provide opportunities for incoming first-year students to share their questions and concerns about diversity and inclusion. 

Of course, this is just the beginning. 

Every day, I marvel at the success of our students, and I could not be prouder of their commitment to and demonstration of the Smeal values. To us, this is what makes Smeal a truly unique and special place to learn and grow. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jamie Campbell at should you have any additional questions or concerns about our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 


Signature of Charles Whiteman.

Charles H. Whiteman
John and Karen Arnold Dean