Facility Details

In addition to the software available in the Rogers Family Trading Room, there is also over $200,000 in audio and video technology that makes the room an accurate simulation of a live trading floor.

Compared to a typical university network, the internal network of the Trading Room is ten times faster. The main classroom consists of 54 desktop computers with Quad Core processors and 4 gigabytes of RAM connected to dual 17" flat-screen monitors. If the classroom is full, there is an overflow room with additional PCs and a Bloomberg terminal so access to the Trading Room is always available.

In addition, the room is extremely well-equipped for teaching and learning. It offers two 8 ft. x 6 ft. projector screens and three state-of-the-art Panasonic plasma screens that can receive input from almost any source in the room. They can display feeds from the lecturer's computer, Bloomberg, a VCR, a document camera, or a professor's camera. A laptop and other peripherals can also be plugged in and displayed around the room. The room is also equipped with video conferencing capabilities.

Please feel free to come in and witness the cutting-edge technology first-hand!