Alastair Donald

Alastair Donald is general manager and chief procurement officer, Global Procurement Services, for ConocoPhillips.

Donald joined ConocoPhillips at the Humber Refinery, U.K. in 1980. Since 1980, he has worked for ConocoPhillips in a wide variety of leadership roles including refining, marketing, supply, transportation, trading, specialties, lubricants, LPG, economics, planning, strategy, business development, organization optimization, executive administration and global operations. He has developed a unique global and diverse skill set. His strong leadership skills have earned him the reputation for being a versatile change agent.

Donald was born in the U.K. and is a U.S. citizen. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology (U.K.) in 1980 and an MBA degree from Rice University in 2002, where he was named a Jones scholar and a Jones citizen.