Doctoral Students

Complete contact information for doctoral students in the Supply Chain and Information Systems Department at Penn State

Doctoral students in the Supply Chain and Information Systems department are participants in the department's teaching and research programs. We include here complete contact information for the doctoral students in the department.

Doctoral Students Contact Information
Portrait Name (Last, First) E-mail Phone Office Address
Chatterjee, Punya 814-867-4290 483A Business Buiding
Gao, Yinshi 814-863-2392 460A Business Building
  Ji, Bainjie   419A Business Building
Kosilova, Natalia 814-867-4290 483A Business Building 
Li, Dongsheng 814-865-0608 419A Business Building
Liu, Yaru 814-865-1866 454 Business Building
Liu, Yi 814-865-0608 419A Business Building
  Moon, Ji Won   483A Business Building
Portrait of Liang Xu. Xu, Liang 814-865-0608 419A Business Building