Student Spotlight - Ashley Risser

Ashley Risser

Five Questions with a student...

1. What is your academic rundown?
I am a four-year student majoring in Management with a minor in Information Systems Management Minor and a Real Estate Certificate (READ). I am also a Schreyer Scholar and am currently working on my thesis about employee activism in the workplace. As a 2+2 student, I first studied at Penn State Berks for two years, and then moved to Penn State University Park in Fall 2021. I will graduate in May 2023.

2. Why did you choose to major in Management? 
I chose to major in Management because I like to oversee the different aspects of business and would like to own and manage my own business one day. Further, I enjoy being able to learn from others, have open discussions, and work with others for whom we share similar passions and goals. These factors ultimately led to my decision to major in Management.

3. What are you involved in at Penn State, and how do these activities complement your Management coursework?
I am a student leader with a Christian student organization called Revive, and I am the treasurer for Management Information Systems Association (MISA). Both positions have given me a greater appreciation and more of an open perspective on what it means to be a leader. It has also meant that I’ve become more self-aware of my skills and abilities and where I can delegate some of my workload to others on my team to accomplish tasks most efficiently. 

4. What are your plans after graduating from Penn State?
My plans after graduating from Smeal are to stay in Pennsylvania and get a consulting job in either an information technology or transformation consulting position. Consulting hasn’t always been on my mind, but ever since taking MGMT 480 and hearing from consultants currently in the field, I fell in love with the career path. 


5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors, playing with my dog Pepper, completing Jigsaw puzzles, and reading books. I also love hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and sporting events, and baking/cooking.

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