Student Spotlight - Ryan Kelleher

Ryan Kelleher

Five Questions with a student...

1. What is your academic rundown?
I am a third-year student majoring in Management.

2. Why did you choose to major in Management? 
I  chose to major in Management because after trying many of the entrance-to-major courses, I realized that I fit best in an environment where I can work with a team and have the opportunity to lead in some capacity. I've always had a love for people and I like to lead in a relationship-based style. So, I took a chance with the Management major and I realize that the skills I learn each and every day in the classrooms are completely applicable to real life and have really helped me in my leadership journey.

3. What are you involved in at Penn State, and how do these activities complement your Management coursework?
At Penn State, I am the President of Eclipse, a special-interest THON organization dedicated to raising funds to support THON's mission and creating an incredible family atmosphere for more than 300+ members. Also, I am a member of the Professional Management Association and I am a Management Ambassador. These activities have perfectly complemented my Management coursework by giving me real-life opportunities to build upon leadership teachings I gained from my classes. Being president of an organization as big and impactful as Eclipse has truly tested me and shaped me as I've learned more and more about what it means to be a leader or manager. I work alongside an incredible executive board and get to know hundreds of dedicated members. Each and every day I learn something new as a leader, and it is so interesting to see how closely it resembles what I've been taught in my courses.

4. What do you still want to accomplish before you graduate from Penn State?
I graduate from Penn State, I would like to have a job set up to get into after college. Similar to many of my peers, the stress of having to find a job right after college can be immense, so it would be ideal to have one ready after college.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing guitar, listening to music, and scrolling through YouTube and TikTok. Getting to play guitar (both acoustic and electric) gives me a great feeling of calmness, focus, and relaxation. It's also just really fun playing songs that you love or even creating songs. As for the music I listen to, lately, I've been big into The Strokes and some other indie-rock style music.

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