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Dr. Denny Gioia, Robert & Judith Auritt Klein Professor of Management


Dennis A. Gioia is the Robert & Judith Auritt Klein Professor of Management in the Department of Management and Organization. He holds a BS degree in Engineering Science, an MBA, and a doctorate in Management, all from Florida State University. He worked for Ford Motor Company as a problem analyst and as corporate recall coordinator. Professor Gioia is a member of the MBA core faculty, as well as the Executive MBA core faculty.  Professor Gioia is actively engaged in basic and applied research in organizations. His primary areas of theory and research focus on the study of organizational identity, image, and reputation. He also studies organizational sensemaking and sensegiving dynamics, organizational learning and knowledge, as well as organizational change processes.

Also, Professor Gioia was a member to the launch team for the Apollo 11 mission, which landed the first men on the moon in 1969, and which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the time he worked for Boeing Aerospace and was a member of the Service Arm Team (the service arms connected the Apollo/Saturn launch vehicle to the Launcher Umbilical Tower). His responsibilities included making sure that all nine service arms not only functioned properly before launch, but also detached and retracted properly during launch.  It was a critical responsibility necessary to the success of the Apollo11 mission as it began its journey into space. His experience was featured in the local newspaper, the Centre Daily Times. Professor Gioia has also been featured in The New Yorker about his experience in the recall office of the Ford Motor Company.


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