Portfolio Companies

Information about the companies the Garber Fund has previously invested.

Our current portfolio includes: 

Diamond Back Truck Covers Logo

Diamond Back Truck Accessories, a manufacturer and distributor of pick-up truck covers and other truck accessories.

INDIGO Biosciences Logo

INDIGO Biosciences offers to academic labs, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies kits and services focused on nuclear receptors, an important target in new drug development, as well as the broader fields of in vitro toxicology and gene expression. 

Real Time Tomography Logo

Real Time Tomography provides advanced image processing and real-time image reconstruction for digital x-ray and tomosynthesis. Specialties include: Image Processing and Reconstruction, Medical Imaging, and Breast Imaging.

BreatheSimple Logo

BreatheSimple has developed a home healthcare therapy app to provide breath training regimens to people who suffer from asthma, sleep apnea, or COPD.

Crafting a Strategy Logo

Crafting a Strategy (by Holloway Group, LLC) which provides the highest-level business strategy to the successes and failures of craft brewers to create a dynamic online curriculum exclusive for their members.

Medtrics Logo

Medtrics offers a full suite of tools to help medical institution manage all aspects of training: curriculum, evaluations, scheduling, etc.

Travelwits Logo

Travelwits, LLC provides an online travel search engine that finds best way to save money.

Hustle Fitness, Inc.

Hustle Fitness, Inc. provides youth coaches and athletes professionally designed workouts and skill development activities to improve effectiveness in training.

Xact Metal, Inc. Logo

Xact Metal, Inc. is taking the essential specs for metal 3D printing and combining them with breakthrough technology to establish a new level of price and performance for additive manufacturing. 

Fitted Logo

Fitted creates social, sustainable, and convenient closet services for the impact-driven generation.

1855 Capital Logo

1855 Capital is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund investing in companies with an affinity to Penn State University.

TEAMology Logo

TEAMology was designed by practitioners in collaboration with Penn State and delivers a systematic method of fully integrating social emotional learning (SEL) into everyday teaching and seamlessly aligning with PBIS, ESSA and MTSS. TEAMology recently partnered with Nittany AI to begin an exciting project to focus on further development of TEAMbots. This unique experience will offer a students the ability to directly connect to TEAMology characters to learn more about the key foundations of Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving Resiliency and Leadership.

Persea Naturals LLC Logo

Persea Naturals LLC is developing commercial products derived from avocado seeds. The company’s initial product, AvoColor®, is a yellow-red food color that meets the needs of a rapidly changing color market by addressing demand for natural food colors.

Croptix Logo

Croptix offers farmers a crop disease screening service which couples in-field leaf-sensor technology with robust, machine learning based analytics trained to identify the early signs of crop disease. The service enables data-backed decision making for the farmer on how to best manage and mitigate disease spread, and secure high-quality production across their operation.

Kijenzi Logo

Kijenzi localizes manufacturing by creating a network of digital manufacturing hubs that are tied together with centralized engineering, standardized processes, and unified quality control. Beginning in East Africa, their goal is to democratize manufacturing where access to the global supply chain is incomplete, putting manufacturing to work for anyone, everywhere.

WellPaid Logo

WellPaid is the operating system for shared finances. The service automates tracking and sharing of house bills for co-living adults. Additionally, WellPaid powers sharing through partners with in-flow splitting of purchases and automated transfers.


Blind Tiger Logo

Blind Tiger produces and sells bar quality prohibition-inspired non-alcoholic beverages that are all natural and organic The company is a spin-off of the founder’s speakeasy style restaurant, Room 33, in Erie, PA