MBA Recruiting

Whether you are looking for interns or permanent employees, the Smeal College MBA Career Services Office offers a user-friendly, efficient recruiting process.

Whether you are looking for interns or permanent employees, the Smeal College MBA Career Services Office offers a user-friendly, efficient recruiting process. We provide resume distribution, online job postings, networking opportunities, digital resume distribution, and on-campus interviewing along with a tailored customer service focus. Contact Carol Lockard, manager of MBA Employer Relations, or Matthew Smith, director of Professional Graduate Employer Relations to discuss your needs.

Students enroll in an MBA program because they are eager to be engaged. They want to learn and contribute on the job. All aspects of the Smeal curriculum focus on four critical thematic areas: Global Perspective, Total Business Focus, Functional Expertise, and Principled Leadership. With this training, MBAs want to tackle challenges that are meaningful to the company.

Flexible Recruiting Options

Online Access

Log into Nittany Lion Careers, our online recruitment management system, for web-based access to post jobs, view resumes, e-mail candidates, schedule interviews, and coordinate information sessions.

Career Fairs & Events

Career events are fantastic opportunities for students and potential employers to connect. To learn more about available career fairs, please visit Smeal's career fair and events site.

On-Campus Recruiting

Whether you pre-select candidates, set up an open schedule, or use some combination of both, we will be happy to make arrangements to meet your needs. We can help with scheduling interview rooms and information sessions.

Interviews at Your Site

You may have interest in only one or two individuals, which may not justify an on-campus recruiting trip. With service by four major airlines and located within four hours drive of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, we can often coordinate interviews that take place at your site.

Telephone, Teleconference, Video conference Interviews

If you prefer to connect with candidates over the phone, let us know. We can help make the connections.

Recruitment and Employment Guidelines

Click here to review our guidelines.

Employer Engagement Resources

We offer an assortment of resources to help you network and promote your employment opportunities to our students.  Depending on your talent needs, recruiting process and budget, please contact our office. 

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Some of the best ways to get to know students and have them get to know your company include:

  • Interactive case workshops
  • Involvement with student associations
  • Participating in on-campus events
  • Hosting student visits to your company site
  • Executive visits to speak with students
  • Engage a student consulting team through the Professional Services Engagement Practicum

Internship Basics

Internships can be a critical part of the MBA experience by providing students with meaningful work experience. Employers often use internships as a multi-week interview and part of the process to determine whether to offer a permanent position with the company. While there is some variation based on each employer’s preferences and needs, the typical duration of an MBA summer internship is 10-12 weeks. This period of time allows both the employer and intern ample opportunity to assess the experience.

Successful internship management includes clear project structure, transparent timelines, an engaged supervisor, formal evaluations, and networking opportunities throughout the organization. MBAs who feel a sense of accomplishment are more able to return back from their summer internships as enthusiastic ambassadors for your corporation.

If you have short or long term project needs, contact us to discuss your needs and possible options to work with Smeal MBAs.