Research Paper on Product Recalls Selected for Award

Christopher Craighead is the current Director of Research for the Center for Supply Chain Research at Penn State University. He is also the Rothkopf Professor and Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management.A paper authored by Christopher Craighead, Rothkopf Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Penn State Smeal College of Business, along with colleagues Kaitlin (Dunn) Wowak of the University of Notre Dame and Dave Ketchen of Auburn University, has been selected as the winner of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Best Empirical/Theoretical Paper.  The authors will receive their award on behalf of the paper, “Why do some Product Recalls Succeed and Others Fail?: A Grounded Theory Investigation of the Recall Process,” at the upcoming 2013 Annual DSI Conference in Baltimore in November.

In addition to his faculty role as Rothkopf Professor, Craighead serves as the director of research for the Center for Supply Chain Research. His primary research interests lie in the area of strategic sourcing and supply management with a focus on global supply chain disruptions. He has been a member of the Smeal faculty since 2008.

Wowak earned her Ph.D. in business administration from Smeal in 2012. Ketchen earned his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Smeal and was recently honored with the Smeal Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award.

DSI is one of the key organizations and important audiences for many of the faculty within the supply chain and information systems area.