Student Spotlight - Dana McCoy

Current spotlight of Management student.

Dana McCoy

Five Questions with a student...

1. What is your academic rundown?
I am a third-year student majoring in Management with a minor in International Business. This summer, I will be studying abroad in the Czech Republic to learn more about how globalization affects businesses in Eastern Europe.   


2. Why did you choose to major in Management?
I chose to major in Management because I love helping and guiding people. Both of my parents and brother are incredible leaders in the hospitality management industry, and being surrounded by these amazing leaders inspired me to study management. Leading others and aiding people in becoming the best version of themselves is very important to me.


3. What are you involved in at Penn State, and how do these activities complement your Management coursework? 
At Penn State, I am a member of Women in Business. This organization has helped me to further develop my communication and leadership skills which complements my Management coursework by allowing me to engage in and discuss important leadership topics in my classes. Another activity I am involved in is being a Management Major Ambassador. This activity, similar to Women in Business, helps me hone my networking and leadership skills. Being an ambassador complements my coursework because I can apply what I learn in class to become a better leader and representative of the major.


4. What are your plans after graduating from Penn State?
I wish I knew about the Management Major Ambassadors and the Professional Management Association (PMA) earlier in my academic career. Although I am not involved in PMA, it is an important organization for networking with other students or alumni who are/were Management majors and getting more involved in the Management major. Looking back, I did not meet any Management majors until this year when I started taking my Management courses. So, now knowing about the Ambassadors (and becoming one) and PMA, I can network more and become more familiar with the major which is helping me to grow as a leader.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
In my free time, I love to bake for my friends, read, and watch movies. I also box three times a week at my local gym. Baking is a hobby that actually goes hand-in-hand with why I chose to major in Management. I love to make people happy and what better way to do that than with sweet treats! Reading and watching movies is also my way of relaxing and taking time away from my busy schedule. Lastly, boxing is something I have always been interested in and the classes I take are my way of fitting exercise into my schedule.


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