Smeal College Trading Room recognizes kind contributions from individual sponsors and corporate partners.

In recognition of our Corporate Partnership:

sponsors for trading room

In recognition of our Individual sponsors:

  • Thomas and Rebecca Aichele
  • Sachin Aggarwal
  • Charles and Amy Marisa Balducci
  • Mark Battaglia
  • John M. Beberus
  • John and Mandy Borys
  • Craig R. Chobor
  • Colleen Cunningham
  • Lawrence E. Daurelle
  • Steven Deitch
  • FNB-Vince Delie
  • Michael P. Devine
  • Jennifer M. Dumford
  • David M. Horowitz
  • Daniel Ives
  • A. Richard Janiak, 1968, in honor of his parents Anthony and Anne Janiak
  • Julian Garbaccio
  • Jeff and Wendy Gido
  • Steve and Ariele Gordon
  • Maurice and Florence Harrison
  • Bob '62, Terri, Zach '95, Alex Harrison
  • Sandra Bower Kennedy
  • Kenneth R. Kulju
  • James Lange
  • Chad and Kristen Levant
  • David M. Marcinek
  • William J. and Cynthia F. Mayer
  • Craig and Jennifer McGuinn
  • Lee A. Mooney Jr.
  • T. Timothy and JoAnn Murray, Class of 1975
  • Ryan L. and Meredith A. Newman
  • Elaine and Andrew Phillips, MBA Class of 1984
  • J. David & Patricia Rogers
  • Scott Sides
  • Frank and Mary Jean Smeal