Smeal Green Team

The Smeal Green Team was formed in 2010 and is comprised of faculty and staff members who volunteer their time to learn about and promote sustainable business practices at the college. The Green Team has led many efforts to reduce the college’s impact on the environment through recycling and power management initiatives and by fostering discussion on sustainability through regularly scheduled luncheons and events. 

The mission of the Smeal Green Team is to help lead the college's efforts in the adaptation of environmentally sustainable business practices. The group does this by creating awareness, identifying opportunities, and facilitating initiatives to capture these opportunities.


The Smeal Green Team has a number of ongoing initiatives aimed at building awareness throughout the college community including Learning Lunches, the Green Paws Program, efforts to promote and encourage recycling, composting, and efficient energy use around the Business Building.


The Smeal Green Team is comprised of the following Smeal faculty and staff members:

NameEmail Address
Teri Ault
Ashley Boyer
Ginger Breon
JungEn Choi
Rebecca Cianci
Joe Del Conte
Emily Giacomini
Meg Handley
Barb Hosterman
Ionut (John) Ilie
Sarah Krupp
David Lenze
Megan Marshall
Chelsea Pick
Karen Serago
Sam Silverberg
Monica Snyder
Robin Stevens
Gerald Susman
Cynthia Wilcock

To become a member or to learn more about the Green Team, please email , or .