Smeal Sustainability Alumni Network

Information about the Smeal Sustainability Alumni Network

The Center for the Business of Sustainability collaborates with Smeal Alumni Relations to support alumni with an interest in leveraging business for positive social impact.  Specifically, we have created the Smeal Sustainability Alumni Network (SSAN) which serves Penn State alumni who have a personal or professional interest in sustainability through business and the marketplace.

SSAN represents an exciting opportunity to actively connect alumni back to Smeal in effort to advance a collaborative vision for sustainability education and practice, both in the classroom and in the various industries our alumni support.

The network aims to connect Smeal alumni with a shared passion for sustainability by providing a platform to engage with the current Smeal students, faculty, and with each other. 

  • The network provides valuable connections and opportunities whether you are a newcomer or experienced professional
  • We welcome all alumni who identify the social impact among their values, job descriptions, and future career goals.
  • Events are organized in conjunction with the Smeal Office of Alumni Relations and serve as a channel to collaborate, exchange ideas and advice, provide support to current students, as well as provide an outlet for the critical conversations surrounding sustainability in modern business.

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